The PYNK&BLU x Hustler Design collaboration came about in October 2017 after we met Makan, who told his poignant story of how he followed his vision against all odds. Makan has previously worked as the manager of Schoollab (a global startup incubator) in Station F in Paris but now has started Hustler Design a startup incubator for the Parisian suburbs, to extract the potential from those who would otherwise not have the opportunity. However, his success was not something that was given to him but something that he has worked for over the past 10 years, struggling against suburban discrimination as well as a lack of funding.  We want this video to encapsulate what Makan has gone through to get to where he is today. Makan reiterates that he wants people to believe in what they are doing, from wearing a different item of clothing, to doing something that classical societal conditioning may not always allow, wherever they are in the world. Please share if you enjoy our video, your support is much appreciated. #whatsyourPYNK&BLU?

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