About Us

Following a recent trip to Paris, after speaking to many people about what the brand represented to them, we came to the realisation that PYNK&BLU possessed significantly more sentimental value than we had originally thought. We now know that our brand not only provides great, good quality clothing but also possesses an important ethos. 

The creation of PYNK&BLU is a part of the movement to erase the misconception that certain colours are inextricable with any gender, and the idea that gender is binary. We wanted to create a gender fluid, universal product which effectively overcomes the social stigma that suggests a colour defines your gender or sexuality. PYNK&BLU has evolved into a lifestyle that signifies the individual’s unique battle against societal norms. This encompasses both gender inequality and stigma, and the extortionate difference between the wealthy and poor in society.

By wearing our clothing, each individual is acknowledging the social struggle of themselves and others, whilst being provided with the constant reassurance that they can fulfil their ambitions regardless of any potential judgment. We are attempting to highlight the unique nature of every individual- extracting their potential that is masked by a uniform society. 

PYNK&BLU is a forward-thinking brand, we want to spread this message in collaboration with artists, micro-societies and influencers.

Ultimately, it is this message that we would like to share-  in a world of conflict and division we must focus on the concepts of freedom and unity, a vision delivered.